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Xu Hướng 10/2023 # Four Days Of Exploring Hue For A Family Of 9 # Top 12 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Four Days Of Exploring Hue For A Family Of 9 được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 10 năm 2023 trên website Xikz.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Trang Hoang, Hanoi, and his family decided to choose Hue as the first tourist destination after two years of the epidemic. The reason why the family decided to go to Hue is because they haven’t come back here for about 10 years and the experiences in Hue are peaceful, the relics have a lyrical and ancient look. Old people will be nostalgic for the old years. The journey of discovery lasts 4 days from June 15 to 18.

Family of 9 people taking souvenir photos at Phu Cam church.


The flight departed at 10:5 am from Noi Bai airport but from 8 am the whole family left for the airport to check-in in time. This is something to keep in mind because the airport is currently quite crowded, with a lot of travel demand, so you should arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before departure time.

Landing at Phu Bai, the whole family moved to the Stop and Go homestay located at Nguyen Cong Tru street. Trang Hoang’s family chooses to stay in a homestay to feel cozy and comfortable like at home, not like staying in hotels or resorts. Homestay is a bit small but clean, airy, simple and light layout, suitable for family guests or small groups. The host is friendly, very true to the people of Hue.

Day 1

After checking in, the family has lunch and afternoon to visit the Citadel because this is the destination right in the city center. The cluster of relics includes the Imperial Citadel, where the king established his court, worked and the Forbidden City, where the king and the royal family lived. Phuong Hoang said, the Citadel is very large and large, if you want to visit all the big and small places, you need to spend the whole day.

After that, the whole family chooses to eat Hue cakes at the old Hue restaurant for dinner and then walk around West Street by cyclo, there are many beautiful corners to take virtual pictures and tea shops, Hue specialties at Hue. Mai Thuc Loan Street.

Take a souvenir photo in the Citadel.

Day 2

The whole family had breakfast with Bun Bo Hue at 19 Ly Thuong Kiet, then rented a car package for the day to visit three places: Tu Duc Tomb , Khai Dinh Tomb , Minh Mang Tomb . Lunch and rest at Han Mac Tu street, enjoy dishes from mussels.

“The Tomb of Khai Dinh and Minh Mang have a smaller area and are close to each other, only about 7 km from the city center, so we spent the afternoon visiting these two sites. Everyone was overwhelmed by the interior and exterior architecture. The road to the mausoleum is also beautiful with soft slopes and bends, plus two rows of green trees like in Da Lat,” Trang Hoang said.

The next destination is the Redemptorist Church, Quoc Hoc Hue School, Thien Mu Pagoda … After a long day of sightseeing, the family rested, had dinner at the restaurant at Duck Thuan, 94 Bui Thi Xuan and went for a walk. street, eat tea alley on Hung Vuong street.

Day 3

Early in the morning, the whole group walked on the Korean road connecting Truong Tien bridge and Phu Xuan bridge, had breakfast with snakehead fish soup . After that, the tour continues with the destination of Thanh Toan tile bridge over 200 years old and the relic of President Ho Chi Minh in Duong No. This is where President Ho Chi Minh lived for two years at the age of 8.

The beach in Hue is empty, golden sand and blue sea water.


The last day at the homestay, everyone rests, has breakfast at Hue O Tuyet noodle shop and sips salted coffee. Check out and move to Phu Bai airport at 12 o’clock. End the tour in Hue.


The total cost of the trip is about 5 million VND per person, of which round trip airfare is 2.5 million VND. Homestay costs 1.05 million VND three nights for a room for 2 people. Car rental package with 1.6-2 million VND for 2 days. The total entrance fee to tourist attractions is about 650,000 VND per person. Eating out is about one million dong per person.

Take souvenir photos at Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda.

Four days is a reasonable amount of time for a resort trip, but the family still cannot visit all the spots because there are elderly people, so they limit their movement a lot.

Coming to Hue, I can feel all the lyrics: “The beauty of this region is unmatched anywhere, gentleness mixed with contemplation…”. For those with a lively, crowd-loving style, this land may be a bit sad, but for those who like peace and light, this is the right destination to rest. Hue still retains many ancient and ancient features, suitable for those who like nostalgia and like to live slowly and enjoy life.

Đăng bởi: Phương Hoàng

Từ khoá: Four days of exploring Hue for a family of 9

Enjoy The World Of Peace In The Ru Cha Mangrove Forest Of Hue

Discover the interesting name of the Ru Cha mangrove forest

Ru Cha mangrove forest is the name of the primary mangrove forest of Ru Cha. Visitors after traveling to Hue and checking in at many famous destinations will be extremely impressed when they hear the quite unique name Ru Cha. Because of this name, the forest appears in the minds of many people with a wild look, bringing many mysteries and mysteries.

The role of Ru Cha mangrove forest

A surprisingly beautiful tourist destination appeared before the eyes of visitors. “Ru” in Hue’s local language means mountain forest, while “chá” is the word to call the name of a tree that grows naturally, has a lifespan of decades, and has large but inedible fruit here. This tree accounts for 90% of the mangrove forest area. Ru Chá has also been born since then as a way of calling for both the countryside and the dear to the name of a forest that has become familiar to the people of chúng tôi is a famous check-in place for young people in Hue.

The Ru Cha mangrove forest is the only remaining primary mangrove forest on Tam Giang lagoon . Before becoming a famous tourist destination in Hue , Ru Cha forest was firstly home to many aquatic species in the lagoon. This unique-named forest has a quite rich biological system such as fish, shrimp, crab … Therefore, Ru Cha also contributes to providing resources, creating conditions for aquaculture, creating livelihoods. Chew for the locals.

The ideal time to travel Ru Cha

The sky is too peaceful in Ru chúng tôi Cha is, first of all, a forest that functions to prevent salinity and protect the mainland.

Visitors who love the poetic beauty of the ancient capital, after visiting the Citadel – Hue City, visiting Thien Mu Pagoda and trying all the delicacies in Dong Ba market, can visit Ru Cha mangrove forest to enjoy another beauty of Hue. Whether you come to this special forest at any time of the year, you can also feel the charm of the scenery here.

Autumn comes when all the leaves in the Ru Cha forest turn yellow, then from yellow to red intertwined to create a beautiful natural picture. Photo Nhii.1711, chiennqp.

However, from February to September is the best time to travel to Ru Cha . Because at this time the whole forest begins to change seasonally and wear a very poetic, romantic shirt. Especially in early September, is when the typical trees in the forest bloom, signaling a new rainy season to begin.

Road to the Hue Mangrove Forest

Ru Cha is the only remaining primary mangrove forest in Tam Giang lagoon.

Although the road to go to Ru Cha is quite bumpy because the road surface built by the local people is higher than the surrounding, but just past this short road, the natural picture of Ru Cha full of wild and poetic will appear before your eyes. Especially between the two sides of the path, there are two rows of trees standing tall but tall with large roots firmly attached to the ground.

The world is peaceful and green in the midst of dreaming Hue

The most eye-catching and impressive thing for those who have ever been to the Ru Cha mangrove forest in Hue is the immense green color of plants. It is the immense green color of the palm tree covering the lagoon with an area of ​​about 5 ha. It was also the cool green color amidst the scorching sun of the smaller trees in the forest. Different levels of blue appear in front of visitors, making everyone feel immersed in the refreshing, freshest and most relaxing feeling. Tourists choose to come to Ru Cha with different purposes.

The green color of trees and trees, spreading immensely on the lagoon right next to the large primary forest.

After admiring the golden palace of jade in Hue Imperial City , making pilgrimages at the sacred Thien Mu pagoda, trying all the delicious Hue noodle dishes and delicious tea in Hue, many visitors choose to go to Ru Cha to enjoy the green nature and a world of peace and depth. Especially when walking on a small road filled with concrete or barefoot on a dirt road to make Ru Cha trip closer and more complete.

Visitors can also stop at several places to carefully contemplate the roots of the hundred-year-old trees, as well as inhale the rustic scent of the forest and the fresh mountains, the wild scent of the rivers and trees of the country of Nerve Do not open your chest to breathe the gentle cool air in the Ru Cha mangrove forest and capture all of your eyes the charming green stretches to the horizon. At this time, the fatigue and worries of normal life will quickly disappear.

The birthplace of beautiful, fairy-tale photos.Peaceful and poetic beauty of Ru Cha forest from above. For those who love the natural scenery of Ru Cha, there is good news that the forest management board has built a tall, solid concrete tower in the middle of the forest. This is both a point to observe and manage Ru Cha with the forest keepers, and is an ideal place for you to enjoy the whole beautiful view from above of the mangrove forest. The more is the perfect place to create new angles for those who have a passion for photography. Ru Cha forest will appear extremely majestic in the immediate future surrounded by the vast Tam Giang lagoon . Visitors at this time seem to be admiring a miniature natural picture but each line is still clear, detailed and surprisingly chúng tôi in the middle of the wild but attractive mangrove chúng tôi Cha is also a crowded gathering place for groups of friends who want to find the right place for a chúng tôi Cha mangrove forest is the ideal place for couples to take wedding photos. If the main purpose of your visit to Ru Cha Hue mangrove forest is to check-in and take wedding photos, this is the perfect choice because at any angle there can be pictures “virtual life”. sparkling. Especially when autumn comes, all the leaves in the mangrove forest turn yellow, and then change from yellow to red. The whole forest seems to have been transformed, changing the new clothes of Mother Nature. If viewed from above, the interwoven red and yellow green patches are even more chúng tôi romantic but wild scene is not inferior to other famous tourist spots.

For the students and students who love to learn about the ecosystem and wildlife, the trip to Ru Cha is an interesting primitive world research field because of the diversity and characteristics of many species of creatures here.

What to eat in Ru Cha?

According to the experience of many tourists who have visited Ru Cha, when you come here, you do not need to bring much food because there are family of Mr. Dap – Mrs. Hong – who volunteer to keep the forest more than three. This decade lived.

Ru Cha is the place that could not be more suitable to relieve stress in life.

In this couple’s house, dubbed “Robinson of Hue”, there are always delicious Hue dishes such as fish raised in the lagoon, chicken in the garden, specialty cakes in Hue famous, … depending on the requirements and the department. of you guys. You can also ask for the couple’s phone number to order rice before arriving.

The “modest home-grown” meals of the couple will definitely make you eat once and forever remember the culinary experience of Hue in an extremely interesting trip to discover the ancient capital. .

Đăng bởi: Bảo Châu Trần

Từ khoá: Enjoy the world of peace in the Ru Cha mangrove forest of Hue

A Group Of Friends In Saigon Take Free Wedding Albums And Dream Wedding Photos For People With Disabilities

Mr. Tran Khac Huynh, 57 years old (wearing a bandana) in District 10 is a longtime photographer. During his career, he rarely saw disabled couples entering the studio to hire wedding photography.

“In 2023, I had the opportunity to assist a friend in taking wedding photos for a disabled couple. I heard from them that many couples in the same situation felt inferior to themselves, even though they wanted to hire some kind of souvenir, but they couldn’t. dared, so I decided to invite a group of colleagues to take free wedding photos for them,” Huynh shared.

So Charity Wedding Photography group was born with the aim of helping disabled couples own a dream wedding photo set.

In the picture is the wedding photo shoot of Mr. and Mrs. Le Canh Hiep, 35 years old, and Ms. Pham Thi Thanh Thuy, 40 years old, at Alibaba studio, Binh Thanh district on September 29. Mr. Hiep has been paralyzed in both legs since he was a child, currently working as a lacquer worker, while Ms. Thuy is a seamstress, her left leg is a bit weak but still able to walk.

Shooting outdoors in the studio often has to move to many different points, so photographers often take the responsibility of carrying the bride and groom. In the picture, a cameraman is carrying the groom Canh Hiep to the place to take pictures.

Taking pictures of people with disabilities is more difficult and time-consuming than taking pictures of ordinary people.

In addition to the photographer, the sewing of costumes and makeup is equally important in the photo shoot. At first, Huynh had difficulty finding costume sponsors and makeup artists. Currently, the group has a professional team with all parts from photography to logistics.

Previously, Huynh took wedding photos for couples in the park. Later, he rented a studio and film studio to take pictures outside. Initially, the group paid for the cost, but later on, the studio got free entrance tickets when Huynh took pictures for the disabled.

In the picture is a photo session of Mr. Nguyen Hoang Dung, 48 years old, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, 44 years old, both working as workers in Binh Duong. The couple both have weak legs and can only walk with crutches. Despite their age, the couple still longs to have a wedding album as a souvenir.

Mr. Huynh shared his feelings about work: “People with disabilities often have few friends. They rarely go out, so they are rarely photographed.

After the photo session, the photographers will select the photos and do post-production and send them to Huynh. The group leader is responsible for synthesizing, designing the album and then printing it.

Usually, the group will give the photographer an album with about 60 small pictures inside and a large wooden picture to hang on the wall with a beautiful design.

Couples who are about to get married will be given priority to take photos as soon as possible. Pictured are the couple Van Minh, 32 years old, and Kim Ngan, 33 years old, from Cu Chi district. The couple will get married on October 23, so Huynh’s group prioritized taking pictures last week.

“After I asked for help, Mr. Huynh verified the situation and scheduled the shoot in just 4 days. My wife and I were luckier than other disabled couples in that we could still walk, so the shoot took place quite quickly. Without Mr. Huynh, I would not have taken a wedding album because I wanted to save money,” Ngan said, her eyes bright.

In addition to sponsored wedding costumes, disabled couples are also given couple shirts to take more pictures.

When wearing casual clothes, couples are more comfortable styling, laughing and joking more naturally than when wearing wedding clothes, often somewhat shy. Team members are always enthusiastic to guide couples to pose, make jokes so that they have poses with beautiful moments. The photographer moves, shoots from many different angles, limiting the defective parts of the photographer’s body.

After taking pictures, Huynh and the members of the group often bring the album home. If the couple can easily travel by motorbike, Huynh makes an appointment to go to the film studio to receive pictures.

Because of the pairing of two couples for one session, the studio often has many cameramen as well as logistics personnel. All of them take the time, effort, and participate in activities completely free of charge.

Mr. Huynh (far left) said: “When taking pictures, I don’t consider them disabled. Because I see that they are still cheerful, still yearning to own beautiful and happy pictures like ordinary bride and groom couples. When I receive the album, I see them cry, many people are embarrassed, cherish it, making me realize that what I and the group are doing is meaningful.”

(Dan Tri)

Đăng bởi: Phương Thảo

Từ khoá: A Group of friends in Saigon take free wedding albums and dream wedding photos for people with disabilities

Smoked Pork Ribs, A Famous Specialty Of The Northwest

Northwestern ribs sausage is a delicious dish made by ethnic people all year round. The special feature of the dish is based on the typical spices of the high mountains such as cocoon seeds, ginger, guava seeds and the effort that the workers put in to soup the fire and smoke for beautiful dishes in form. delicious enough, medium range.

Pork, baby heart – The main ingredient that makes delicious smoked ribs

Seeds caught in cocoons – Soul of smoked ribs

To make delicious smoked ribs, the highest standard is to use black pork raised in the village for processing. Pork must choose the best part of the pig, shoulder meat or rump meat has equal leanness and fat.

Meticulous processing

The soul of this dish is the seed of the forest cocoon. Roasted kudat has a very strong aroma, stimulating the taste buds and aroma more strongly than pepper. Without this spice, it is impossible to create the different flavor of Northwestern ribs sausages compared to other types of ribs.

Pork ribs are processed very meticulously by people in the Northwest. The meat is chopped, minced and marinated with spices: roasted and chopped cocoon, pureed garlic, ginger juice, salt, white wine, honey, wait until well absorbed. The quality of the dish is decisive in the way the seasoning, seasoning just enough. If you add many spices, the ribs will be black. Then, the meat is stuffed into the cleaned preterm. The stuffing must be very tight, let the ribs round evenly and stretch the ball. Take the rope to divide the ribs into 20-30cm segments.

When you eat the pork ribs, you will see the rich salty taste of the salt, the sharp sour taste due to natural fermentation from the drying process, the strong aroma of wine and cocoon seeds. All harmonious, round characteristic taste without adding or removing.

Smoked – An important step in making finished products eye-catching and long-lasting

After completing the above stage, the worker takes the sausage to dry in the sun for about 3-4 days before hanging it up in the kitchen. In the following days, always keep the charcoal fire in the kitchen, add bagasse peel to make the ribs smoked with sweet aroma. Hong until the skin and pork ribs are tightened and turn dark red mixed with golden streaks of fatty meat. And if kept hanging upstairs in the kitchen, the ribs can be preserved year round.

The ribs in Yen Bai are often smoked very carefully. The shell is hunting, dark, crunchy and smokes of kitchen smoke. When eating, you will see a both strange and familiar fragrance, which is the smell of bagasse smoked with firewood.

Lao Cai sausage usually has a bright pink, soft outer shell, is larger in size than Yen Bai sausage and is slightly more fatty.

Ribs are processed into many delicious dishes

When eating sausages, you only need to wash the smoke from the ribs and then you can bring them to grill on the stove of embers or deep-fried, sliced ​​thinly with chili sauce, chili salt, eaten without or with herbs.

In addition to the most popular way of frying up, pork chops also have a multitude of other ways of processing: steaming, boiling, baking, sautéed with greens, garlic … are attractive.

Currently, the specialties of the Northwest highland sausage have been more or less commercialized due to market demand, it is not difficult to find and buy them in supermarkets and shops in the lowlands. However, if you want to enjoy the best food, let’s come to the Northwest once!


Đăng bởi: Phúc Hân

Từ khoá: Smoked pork ribs, a famous specialty of the Northwest

Quang Binh, A Convergence Of Beautiful And Beautiful Scenes

Bao Ninh, white sand paradise

In the subconscious of many tourists, Bao Ninh is just a small sand hill appearing at the mouth of Nhat Le River, the hometown of a heroic mother who echoes the history of the heroic resistance war of the nation – Mother Throughout: Mother’s hair is shaking, the wind is shaking like a wave of white waves ”. In the distance, we will see a lot of shabby houses hidden under the peaceful, tall coconut trees. However, today Bao Ninh peninsula has become the center of Quang Binh province, where there are luxury hotels and resorts that are no less than tourist destinations in Vietnam.

In Bao Ninh, there are many places to visit and explore such as: Ancient Citadel relic, Fish Ong temple or Mother Trans statue, grave of General Vo Nguyen Giap, Quang Binh Quan or especially famous Son Doong cave. World … These historic destinations will help people understand more deeply the arduous war years of our army and people in this misty and windy land.

Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world

Son Doong cave is the largest natural cave in our country. Although discovered not long ago, this cave is very famous in world travel magazines and is a very popular destination for foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam and is known as one of the beautiful caves. most of the planet.

Son Doong cave was formed about 2 – 5 million years ago, with a length of about 6.5km, a width of 150m and a height of 200m, capable of accommodating 68 helicopters, or can “fit” a 40-storey building.

Son Doong cave is considered to be 5 times larger than Phong Nha cave. However, what makes everyone admire is the wonderful nature inside the cave. They found pearl-like gems in the ocean, but they were many times larger in size, and many were as big as baseball. But this is not all, the magical beauty of the stalactites and the ecosystem inside the cave is what amazes the most. With sparkling stalactites of exotic shapes that hang down from above, smooth fringed stalagmites protrude like swords and other beautiful shapes.

In Son Doong cave, explorers discovered a primeval forest with rich vegetation, with no human traces. Experts have even called the forest in this cave a “garden of Eden” to honor this beautiful beauty.

Quang Phu sand dunes, miniature Sahara desert of Quang Binh

Quang Phu is one of the most beautiful sand dunes in Central Vietnam and also the largest sand dune in Quang Binh. The first thing that impresses visitors is the white sand dune shimmering in the sun. White sandy plains run close to the green coast, providing unique scenery.

A special feature that attracts visitors at Quang Phu sand dunes is the change in the shape of the sand and the color every day. The sand lines change shape continuously due to the beautiful sea breeze day and night creates a strange charm. Along with that is the color of sand also “change clothes” according to each time of day.

If during the day, the sand is pure white to welcome the gentle morning rays, when noon comes, bright yellow sunshine covers the sand hill in an eye-catching saffron coat. When night falls, the sand has a characteristic sad, white gray color.

Walking along the sandy road, sometimes the green color of the wild trees or the deep brown color of the dry branches create a highlight in the wild, quiet space. It all looks like a picture of a wild, majestic nature that is very seductive and enchanting.

Lost under the dreamy sky at Happy Hill

Happy Hill is a relaxing eco- tourism area combining a unique cafe and mountain cuisine. With the charming river scenery, inspired by the Happy Hills Dalat tourist area that stands out with the green space covered, a delicate combination between the deep green mountains, the gentle river brings cool air and hundred Fragrant flowers have created an impressive relaxing and resting space for tourists inside and outside the province.

Not only a place for fun and relaxation, Happy Hill is also a paradise for couples to take wedding photos and a favorite virtual living place for many young people. The small wooden house with bold vintage style is a favorite check-in place of young people, the way up is structured by hundreds of natural bamboo tubes creating a rustic feeling, bold mountains.


Đăng bởi: Ngọc Ngân

Từ khoá: Quang Binh, a convergence of beautiful and beautiful scenes

Mother Tuyet’s Shop In The Village Of Incense, A Place That Is Both Beautiful And Imbued With Human Love When Coming To Hue

Coming to the dreamy land of Hue, people often mention famous attractions, with ancient palaces, lavish mausoleums and traditional craft villages famous for the ancient capital. One of them is Thuy Xuan incense village, which has a series of beautiful virtual living corners. However, few people know that behind that brilliant color lies a story imbued with human love.

Thuy Xuan incense village, virtual living coordinates not to be missed when coming to Hue

Huong Thuy Xuan Village is a traditional craft village in Hue, located on Huyen Tran Cong Chua street (Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province), about 7km from Hue city. No one knows exactly when that incense village existed, only knows that in the Nguyen Dynasty, this was a place specializing in providing incense for the court. After about 700 years, this incense village is still maintained and kept by the people as a unique traditional craft village of the Vietnamese people.

The brilliant beauty of Thuy Xuan incense village – Source: Internet

Until now, this place only produces incense to supply the domestic market. With the creativity and skillful hands of the artisans, they also produce all kinds of colorful incense with unique and eye-catching beauty. Currently, Hue incense village has become a famous tourist destination in the ancient capital, which is loved by many people.

Snow incense stall and the touching story behind

Referring to Hue’s incense village, even those who have never set foot in it have known or heard the name “Mother Tuyet incense village”. Ms. Ton Nu Anh Tuyet, 72 years old, is often affectionately known by many as “Mother Tuyet”.

Me Tuyet still retains the traditional way of making incense to this day – Source: Vu Kim Ngan

According to her mother, from the age of nine, she followed her grandfather to make incense. To this day, she is still busy with a small stall in her village of incense. In particular, Me Tuyet was one of the first to come up with a very unique way of spreading incense, creating a colorful carpet that visitors passing by will also stop to admire and take photos.

Me Tuyet diligently spread bouquets of incense for visitors to take pictures – Source: Nguyen Huu Thuong

Tuyet’s mother’s shop in recent times has always been crowded with people, many people, even though they have never met, are still loved by the act of imbued with great human love behind that small stall. Every day, my mother still collects money from selling incense sticks and souvenirs for charity, helping children and unfortunate lives who are struggling with cancer at the Hospital’s Pediatric Department. Hue Central.

It’s been almost 8 years that mother has accompanied the children. Many people who know this humane act of mother have expressed their admiration and surprise, not knowing what gives this small, thin woman over 70 years of age the inner strength to do such good things. throughout the years.

Me Tuyet is always smiling every time a customer comes over, letting her take pictures for free without having to buy anything – Source: Nguyen Huu Thuong

Tourists keep flocking to the incense village just to meet Mother Tuyet, partly because of her gentle and hospitable personality, listening to her talk about her journey with cancer children. Partly because I want to share difficulties with patients through buying goods, or contributing to a support fund, thanks to my mother giving gifts to pediatric patients being treated at the Oncology Department, Children’s Center of the Hospital. Hue Central Institute. To this day, her gentle, passionate eyes are filled with tears as she says, “Now almost the whole country is with me in charity work, but not for my life. She knows what she’s doing and knows she’s doing it from the heart . “

Many tourists come to Hue to visit their mother’s incense stall – Source: Tuan Kiet

Expressing her feelings after a visit to the incense village in Hue, Nhat Linh shared: “What prompted you to come to Hue? For me, it’s Mother Snow. A woman with a small incense shop, but a whole charity fund to help cancer patients.”

“The day I came, my mother was eating a bowl of rice, but every time someone came, she put down the rice bowl and went out to talk to each person! I love you” – Shared by Thao Nguyen.

“I went to my mother’s place, she was very friendly, invited me to eat cake, lent my sister free things to take pictures. Then she told a story about when she saw a child with cancer crying, but she still remembers it vividly, so now she still does charity for children with cancer.” – Thanh Thuy.

“I also just entered the shop. Listening to the mother’s story, the body is thin but the heart is really big. I only wish you good health so that we can accompany you for a long time.” – Posted progress.

Đăng bởi: Tiến Phát Nguyễn

Từ khoá: Mother Tuyet’s shop in the village of incense, a place that is both beautiful and imbued with human love when coming to Hue

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